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Bowling Green Township
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Our contract with Waste Management expired on July 31, 2017. The trustees were able to obtain a new contract with very little increases in cost. The new contract is still with Waste Management and the monthly  prices are below. Trash hauling $12.25
Senior citizens $11.25
Recycling $4.75
Senior citizen recycling $4.65
Tote rental $2.50

If your bill is incorrect, please contact the fiscal officer at 740-787-1976 or

Contact information

Trustee Steve Glaub     740-323-1002

Trustee Ben Hupp     740-405-2628

Trustee Daniel VanBuren 740-787-2636

Fiscal Officer Jennie Duval 740-787-1976

Upcoming Meetings:

The board will not be having a junk car meeting Tuesday on September 12

Meeting Cancellation

Licking Township Fire Company, one of the 3 fire departments that service our township, is selling reflective address markers. These address markers will help the fire department find your house in there is ever an emergency. Just print out the following form, fill it out and mail it to the address on the bottom. The fire department will contact you when your sign is ready. Click here to download order form. pdf

For complaints or suggestions on this website, please contact Fiscal Officer Jennie Duval at or 740-787-1976.