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Comprehensive Plan

A comprehensive plan provides long-range vision of the future for a community. It gathers relevant data and develops a consensus about how the community should develop and redevelop. A comprehensive plan will serve several purposes for Bowling Green Township. Our zoning ordinances require the backing of a long range plan which will be in the form of a comprehensive plan. State and Federal Grant funding often favors applications supported by a long-range plan. For example, Community Block Grants for the township and Farmland Preservation for individual land owners can be positively impacted by the presence of a comprehensive plan. Last, and most important, the comprehensive plan is constructed on behalf of the community by a group of volunteer residents and will be subject to several public reviews prior to any adoption by the township trustees. All comprehensive planning meetings are open to the public and are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 5:30 PM in the township building. Minutes are available to any resident upon request.

Comprehensive Plan Committee Members
Patty Volland, Chair
Tom Beckett
Mark Burgess
Dee Krier
Tom Robb
Greg Short
Comprehensive Plan Committee Meeting Minutes
  June 15, 2011    
  May 18, 2011    
  January 19, 2011    
  October 20, 2010    
  September 15, 2010   December 16, 2009
  August 18, 2010   November 18, 2009
  July 21, 2010   October 21, 2009
  June 16, 2010   September 22, 2009
  March 17, 2010    
  February 17, 2010    
  January 20, 2010    



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